A Legal & Political Thriller by Oliver Sands

November 2012
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About the book  
The Election Thriller/Mystery is Now on Amazon.
What does a mysterious file have to do with a multi-million dollar construction contract, the election of a county commissioner in Florida, and Attorney Mark Stone’s new client?

Mark has weeks, if not days, to locate the file and find out. However, no one who has seen the content of the file has lived to tell about it. [...]
Starring Attorney Mark Stone and Paralegal Daniela Curtis
Mark Stone
Would they live long enough to find out the truth about The Kappa File and unmask the killer? [...]
The kappa File

"The mystery surrounding the Kappa File itself kept me engrossed as I read to even learn what it was! I found it fast-paced, well written, entertaining and in the intriguing Miami setting. I was hooked after the first pages and never guessed the ending until I was there."
"This book has a lot of clues, twists and turns.  Thinking that this can really happen scares me. If you like thrillers with stories that make you think,  this book is for you."
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